Our crime masterclasses are the perfect way to engage with Ex-Scotland Yard, and Murder Squad Detective Chief Inspector Steve Gaskin.

The Crime Masterclasses usually last around 60 minutes and are perfect for conferences, after dinner talks and events energisers. These can be delivered virtually or live. 

British Serial Killers

Exploring serial killers, from famous cases, to why "ordinary" people become serial killers.

The Psychology of Gangs

What has caused young men to turn to a life of violence and crime. Look at the rise in girl members.

The World of Psychopaths

What "makes" a psychopath, do psychopaths go on to kill? Are you a psychopath? 

Offender Profiling

What Offender Profiling is, Jack the Ripper, and draw up your own offender profile.

Fingerprint Masterclass

Learn about the history of fingerprints and how to classify fingerprints!

Murdered or Missing?

The world of missing persons, and what happens when the line of enquiry goes cold?

Psychology of Violence

Why are people violent? Are they born violent or do they learn it!

Women Who Kill

Why do women kill. Are they worse than their male counterparts?

Undercover Cops

What is undercover policing?

When is it used?

Have the police gone too far?


20.08.2020   World's Worst Murderers *NEW*

27.08.2020   British Serial Killers


03.09.2020  Drugs: Smuggling and Dealing. Is the war lost?

21.09..2020   Fingerprints and Forensics

24.09.2020  Extreme Psychopaths & Serial Killers *NEW*

28.09.2020  Psycholigal Offender Profiling-Profile Jack The Ripper

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We want to make the process as easy as possible for you. We use Funzing to book our online events, and Zoom to run them. 


Event Duration 

60 minutes (unless otherwise specified)

How It Runs 

You will receive a link to follow online, ready for the video call. We use the online platform "Zoom" to deliver our experiences. You will be able to see and hear Steve during his talk. There will also be the opportunity to post questions (and time dependant, Steve may be able to answer these). You will need to install the plugin or app, please make sure you "test" this at least 10 minutes before the call is due to begin, to ensure you don't miss the start.

This is the perfect experience to share with friends! Make sure you invite your friends and family to also join the activity (so you can chat for months about it afterwards!)

The Process
- Book your online talk through Funzing 
- Make sure you have the date and time in your diary!
- Grab a drink and get comfy in your favourite spot in the house
- Make sure you have a good digital device/strong internet connection (phone, laptop, tablet), we often recommend headphones too to block out other noise distractions

- Make sure you're not late, or you may not be able to access the event
- Follow the link to access the Zoom, where you will be listening
- Immersive yourself in the talk (and maybe even ask questions)
- Share your experience with others!


The Where
This is an online masterclass, and you will not be required to attend a venue.

Who For?

Our Crime Online events are strictly adults only.

Why Is It Called Crime & Wine?

The idea is these are informal and relaxed events. Grab your glass of wine, a pint of beer or fizzy soda water, and get ready to be immersed, entertained and captivated with Crime Online.

Still Have Questions?

Head to our Contact Us Page

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