Novice to Ninja in 1 Hour!!

Updated: Apr 27

We are delighted to offer a fun 1 Hour "Street Awareness" Session in conjunction with my fitness coach-Rich Fisher, from Fisher Fitness. This is open to Rich's customers. You do not have to be Bruce Lee or super fit! So everyone is welcome!

This is what you will do:-

Steve Gaskin, a former Detective Chief Inspector and Karate, 1st Dan Blackbelt Instructor will make you more aware of your environment and teach you martial arts and police break away techniques. In one hour this is exactly what you will do!:-

  • Warm up

  • Simple break away techniques

  • The law of self-defence

  • The fear of crime is worse than the reality

  • Knife, stick and gun disarming.

The whole philosophy is decision making, street awareness and fun!

If you are interested let Rich or I know. My email is :- . I will book a venue in Duke Street, Norwich. The cost is nothing. Looking forward to seeing you!

Steve & Rich

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