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Wayne Couzens- A Former disgraced police officer

There can be no doubt the slaying of Sarah Everard by a serving Metropiltan police officer has dented public confidence. It has also raised serious questions about the safety of citizens on the street; especially women.

There are several features of the case that alarm me.

  1. The clinical manner in which Couzens planned this meticulous murder , makes me ask is this the only serious crime he committed?

  2. What additional vetting procedures (if any) can be introduced to weigh potential for a police officer to misbehave or commit offences once in post?

  3. There is no "trigger" or reason why Counzens committed this terrible crime (see the full judgement below)

  4. We believe the fear of crime on the street after dark, has reached a ceiling where people will not go out after dark.

These results speak for themselves. The data is in its raw stage at present; but it definately presents an overall trend. LinkedIn was polled with an identical question. 45% said they felt unsafe 35% said they felt safe. 20% were unsure

Download PDF • 163KB

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