Anti Corruption Command Experience | 28th May 2021
  • Anti Corruption Command Experience | 28th May 2021

    The Details: 28.05.2021 | 7.30 pm - 9.00pm

    Get ready to be immersed, entertained and captivated with CrimeOnline!


    In order to prevent corruption and serious misconduct in the police force, you need to be one step ahead of a bent copper! That requires intellect, cunning and sheer detective ability.


    During this amazing 90 minute Experience, you will be presented with a very serious case of police corruption and major drug trafficking involving Detective Sergeant Mark Burns.


    • A very large amount of cocaine has been seized from Burn's address
    • Burns has deposited a large sum of money into his personal bank account
    • Burns is under arrest.


    This is not as straight forward as it seems!


    Play the part of an anti-corruption police officer, look at police evidence. Can you tell the truth from lies? Is DS Burns guilty or not? Only you can decide.


    The experience will be delivered by Steve Gaskin a former Murder Squad Detective Chief Inspector at New Scotland Yard. He is also an adviser to BBC Silent Witness and a  forensic psychologist.



    Duration: 90 minutes (7:00-9:00pm)

    How It Runs: You will receive a link to follow online, ready for the video call. We use the online platform "Zoom" to deliver our experiences. You will be able to see and hear Steve during the event. There will also be the opportunity to post questions (and time dependant, Steve may be able to answer these). You will need to install the plugin or app, please make sure you "test" this at least 10 minutes before the call is due to begin, to ensure you don't miss the start.

    This is the perfect experience to share with friends! Make sure you invite your friends and family to also join the activity (so you can chat for months about it afterwards!)

    The Process
    - Book your online event
    - Make sure you have the date and time in your diary!
    - Grab a drink and get comfy in your favourite spot in the house
    - Make sure you have a good digital device/strong internet connection (phone, laptop, tablet), we often recommend headphones too to block out other noise distractions
    - Follow the link to access the Zoom, where you will be listening
    - Immersive yourself in the talk (and maybe even ask questions)
    - Share your experience with others!

    This is an online masterclass, and you will not be required to attend a venue.


    This event is based on the experience of former Detective Chief Inspector Steve Gaskin


    Our digital masterclasses "CrimeOnline" are the perfect way to engage with Ex-Scotland Yard, and Murder Squad Detective Steve Gaskin.


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