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Bharti is an Indian-American woman who goes to live with her sister in Australia after the deaths of her husband and two children. The children are grown and the husband did not show any willingness to take care of them. On her way to Australia, she meets her husband, Javed, who forces her to come with him in the US. The movie is about how Javed and Bharti accept their mistakes and move on with their lives. The movie became controversial because the director Diya Mirza is a Muslim, and was accused of violating the Haji Ali Temple Act, and being against the Indian culture. Mirza denies the allegations, claiming that the movie is based on his life. However, his brother Janumada, the director of the original Haji Ali Temple Act film, rejected his version of events, and called the film anti-Muslim. The movie became a critical and commercial success in Australia. Cast Javed Iqbal as Javed Bharti Saraf as Bharti Shayan Munshi as Shayan Diya Mirza as Diya Jamie Scobie as Robin Box office The film was released on 21 February 2007 in Australia, in 13 cinemas. The film grossed $47,333. The Australian Muslim community, however, refused to watch the movie because of the title. According to Mirza, they believed the title was derogatory to the Haji Ali temple. In other media American Idol season 5 runner-up Paul Jolley sang the song "Haji Ali" on the album American Idol: Back to Me, which is credited to the band Soul Asylum. References External links Category:2000s drama films Category:Australian films Category:Australian drama films Category:2007 films Category:Films about immigration Category:Films shot in Queensland Category:Films shot in Sydney Category:Films directed by Diya MirzaFetal salivary and plasma levels of insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) and insulin-like growth factor binding protein 3 in diabetic pregnancy. The salivary and plasma levels of insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) were studied in 26 normal pregnant women and 23 diabetic patients. From 15 to 27 weeks' gestation, levels were lower in diabetic patients than in normal pregnant women, but increased later and reached a maximum at term. Plasma levels of IGF-




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