True Crime, is going live!

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True Crime Festival, Virtual Event - 14th November 2020. Sponsored by The University of the Law

Join us for an amazing, immersive day of true crime.

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Crime Scene Investigator

Real Cases, Forensics, Scotland Yard

 5 great sessions, 4 True Crime Cases, 3 Detectives, 2 Forensic Tests AND 

  1 Day of amazing true crime!

Saturday 14th November 2020

Sessions from 10:30am - 5:30pm

(with breaks)

A One Day, Live, Virtual True Crime Experience

True Crime Festival, Virtual Event - 14th November 2020

Join us for an amazing, immersive day of true crime.

Each guest will receive a SWAG box with all the equipment, goodies and some surprises for the day)


Everyone loves true crime, in this experience, we will really bring to life everything you see and read about...

The day will be filled with true crime themed sessions, delivered by our expert team! From forensics and psychology to true crime cases. The event will conclude with a full virtual crime scene investigation experience run by Ex-Scotland Yard Detective Steve Gaskin! 

 The Activities Included...
- 5 interactive sessions, all relating to a true crime!
- Fingerprinting, Forensics, Blood, DNA &
- Hands on activities include taking your own fingerprints, dusting for prints, analysing a real murder case
- Explore a virtual reality crime scene
- Lots more!

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Steve Gaskin was a senior police officer within the Metropolitan Police for more than 25 years.  As a senior detective, he undertook serious criminal investigations (murder and terrorist activities), specialising in drug investigation, money laundering and serious major incident. During his time in the police, he completed a degree in Police and Psychology.

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Meet Your Host....

True Crime Festival will bring together the UK's most enthusiastic crime lovers. 

The Details


Saturday 14th November 2020 10.30-5.30pm 

Virtual Event, Hosted Online


From psychology, forensics and crime scene investigation


The whole event will be recorded & shared will all ticket holders after the event


Those who join us will have the opportunity to join our monthly subscription, VIP True Crime Community.

Ticket Price 

Tickets only £45
This includes over 5 hours of True Crime and a surprise goodie (which we will send to you!).

If you are a current ULaw student please email your Student Information campus team to get your ticket for an exclusive ULaw student price 

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