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 Colin Johnson
World-Renowned Geographical Profiler
& National Crime Agency

The ‘M25 Serial Rapist’

Meet Colin....

Much of Colin’s professional career has been within policing, both as an investigator and for
over 20 years as one of the world’s leading internationally accredited and operational
Geographic Profilers.


He holds fellowship in his discipline and supported many top-tier and
wide ranging investigations. These have included cases involving serial killers such as
Robert Black, Levi Bellfield, Richard Wright, David Copeland and the ‘Railway Murderers’
Duffy and Mulcahy, as well as serial sex offenders such as the ‘M25’, ‘London Night
Stalker’ and ‘DJ’ rapists.

Colin’s expertise has enabled him to work in organisations including the National Crime
Faculty and most recently the National Crime Agency, in addition to having been the
National Police Interview Advisor. Beyond his practitioner role, Colin is a university senior
lecturer in forensic and legal psychology, firmly believing there is considerable value in the
link between academia, research and practice.

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The Session...

Image by Braňo
Image by Waldemar Brandt
  • What Geographic Profiling is and how it can support crime investigations

  • The use of Geographic Profiling software to assist in evaluating offender


  • Understanding the importance of time and location in a crime series

  • Appreciating how a specialist can positively support an investigation

  • Noting the impact publicity can have on offender movement and displacement

  • The value of checking scene DNA profiles with the UK ‘National DNA

  • Unsolved serious crimes are often revisited in the determination to solve them

  • Each complex, high profile case is unique and relies on investigative

The True Crime Festival 2021

13th November 2021 10:30-5:30pm GMT, Online Event

Join us for an amazing, immersive day of true crime featuring high profile speakers, Ex-Detectives and seriously gritty cases to explore! 

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