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Looking for an exciting, hands-on activity for your students designed by Scotland Yard Detectives?

  • Not able to take your students on trips this year?

  • Want exciting, easy to deliver activities?

  • Want to engage students in forensics and policing?

  • Looking for activities for key stages 2 & 3?

  • Want to have fun with your students?

Crime lab 10-09.jpg


Given the challenging year faced by students and teachers, we are bringing you exciting, hands-on experiences suitable for students in key stages 2 & 3.


> Simple lesson plans

> Full class CSI equipment

>Perfect for enrichment, science lessons or after school clubs.

Don't miss the opportunity! Limited packs are now available for purchase. 



  • Full, easy to follow lesson plans for the teacher or activity leader

  • Hands-on equipment for a class of up to 35 students including; Fingerprint ink strips, fingerprint ink, items to dust for fingerprints, fingerprint brushes and dust to share, magnifiers, lifters for removing fingerprints, length of CSI Tape for the classroom, 

  • Link to an interactive Fingerprinting Portal which includes video introductions to the activity from Ex-Scotland Yard Detective Steve Gaskin, activity sheets and a real crime story video.

  • The activity lasts 2-3 hours and can be split into individual activities. 

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