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Host an Event

Are you a venue looking to organise an event? We work with a whole host of venues from high-end hotels, to pubs with large function rooms. 

We work with venues across the UK, hosting our "Dining with a Detective" evenings predominately (although other options are available). We run these as ticketed, joint ventures with the aim to generate revenue for both the venue (with F&B) and The Crime Lab. 
Get in touch to talk about how this could work for your venue!



These usually take the form of:

•    Hands-on CSI sessions
•    Interactive talks
•    Online ev
•    Experiences over dinner
•    Evening events
•    Themed events

The most popular topics include:

•    The Murky World of Psychopaths
•    The Dark Side of Serial Killing
•    Inside the Mind of a Murderer
•    Offender Profiling
•    Mindhunter & Manhunter 
•    The Killing CSI Experience
•    Inside the Mind of Adolf Hitler
•    Lord Lucan - Lord or Lout?

Our team of expert psychologists, Ex-Police and CSI’s deliver a whole range of amazing events. The above includes just a few of the things we offer. Contact us today to talk about your upcoming event, and how we can be involved. 

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