How would you like to have your own Virtual Crime Scene Investigation Event designed by Scotland Yard Detectives?

Just imagine you and your friends immersed in a murder investigation. It has to be solved by forensics & CSI!

You have 2 options for private experiences.

Virtually Killed Full Crime Scene Investigation Experience

Crime Masterclasses A variety of unique topics and themes.

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A crime scene investigation is unique, fun and based on a real-life case. In 90 minutes you and your friend will engage in fingerprints, blood spatters, bite marks, DNA and hair/fibre challenges. You can even run it as a competition!

There are three parts to this amazing experience:


  •  CSI Quiz to get you thinking like a murder investigator

  •  Look at a case file (as close as possible to a Scotland Yard case files)

  •  Solve the forensics.

The solutions are given at the end of the event! 



Feel free to visit our page of exciting topics, and choose which one you would like! These 60 minute experiences are the perfect intimate "audience with" style events. Interactive, and unique in their content, we take you on a true crime journey... covering topics such as British Serial Killers, Offender Profiling and Women who Kill! 

Choose your topic, invite your friends, ask questions and have the most interactive and unique 60 minute true crime experience! 

Bespoke topics and options available on request. 

Pricing for Virtually Killed or a Crime Masterclass

£250 for up to and including 10 guests, £20 per person thereafter. A whole night out for just £25 per person!

Premium Upgrade
For just an extra £10pp we will send out a “swag” box full of real CSI equipment to compliment the event. The box contains:
1. Fingerprint ink & taking forms
2. Fingerprint brush and dusting powder
3. Sealed evidence to be dusted
4. Piece of Crime Scene DO NOT ENTER TAPE

To book a date ring 01953 308386

email us at or complete the enquiry form.

*Please note corporate bookings and events for companies have a different pricing structure.