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Groups & Organisations

The Crime Lab works with a variety of organisations and specialist interest groups. From Science Festivals across the UK, Corporate Companies, History Societies, The WI (Women’s Institute), University of the Third Age (U3A) to Summer Schools for Adults, to name just a few.

Networking Event

These usually take the form of:

•    Hands-on CSI sessions
•    Interactive talks
•    Online ev
•    Experiences over dinner
•    Evening events
•    Themed events

The most popular topics include:

•    The Murky World of Psychopaths
•    The Dark Side of Serial Killing
•    Inside the Mind of a Murderer
•    Offender Profiling
•    Mindhunter & Manhunter 
•    The Killing CSI Experience
•    Inside the Mind of Adolf Hitler
•    Lord Lucan - Lord or Lout?

Our team of expert psychologists, Ex-Police and CSI’s deliver a whole range of amazing events. The above includes just a few of the things we offer. Contact us today to talk about your upcoming event, and how we can be involved. 

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