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By Ex-Scotland Yard Detectives

Welcome to The Crime Lab Fingerprinting portal! The Fingerprinting kit and portal has been created and designed by the husband, wife team Kate & Steve Gaskin, Ex-Scotland Yard Detectives.


After leaving the police force, the power team created their crime business. We are delighted to have you as a part of this! 


You've received your fingerprinting kit - now what?

It's now time to start using it! This portal will act as your guide to your fingerprinting kit,

all delivered by Ex-Scotland Yard Detective Steve Gaskin.

By participating you agree to the health and safety conditions.

We will cover....

  • Step 1: Taking your own prints

  • Step 2: Classifying fingerprints & forensics

  • Step 3: How to dust for fingerprints

  • Step 4: Comparing against three suspect fingerprints

Let's get started!

Please ensure you always wear a mask when using fingerprint powder, avoid contact with eyes (and wash immediately if irritation occurs). 

The fingerprint powder has been risk-assessed and the risk factors are incredibly low.  Always wash your hands after using the fingerprint ink and powder. We recommend using a surface cover as the powder can become messy.

If you have respiratory allergies, we recommend you do not participate in the dusting for fingerprint activity. Please note, all activities are participated in, at your own risk.  will not be held responsible for any damage or injuries caused whilst participating in this event.

At the bottom of this page, you will find the risk assessment and COSHH information. 

Take Your Own Prints

It's now your chance to take your own fingerprints and learn how to classify them. 

First step - view this video to learn how to "roll your prints". Included in your fingerprint kits you will find, ink strips and fingerprint "taking forms". 

Step 1

Step 2 Classifying Your Fingerprints

Step 3

Dusting For Prints

The final step to becoming a fingerprint expert is to dust for prints! 

Step 4 Comparing Suspect Prints

How well did you remove the fingerprint mark from the item we sent you?

Whom did the prints belong to?

  • Suspect A

  • Suspect B

  • Suspect C

You are now a fingerprint expert! 

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Image by Immo Wegmann

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