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Nick Bailey
Former Police Officer involved in the poisoning and attempted murder of a former Russian spy in Salisbury. 

Novichok incident

Meet Nick....

Nick Bailey is a former Police Officer for Wiltshire Police. He served in the Force for 18 years, as a Police Constable, Detective Constable, Sergeant and finishing as a Detective Sergeant. Nick was also a crisis negotiator. In 2018 Nick became involved in the poisoning and attempted murder of a former Russian spy in Salisbury. Nick too became poisoned with the nerve agent, Novichok and as a result spent some time in Hospital. Nick was eventually retired through ill health because of the incident.


Nick is currently working as a lecturer at his local college. He also provides talks to public services and private businesses on his experiences as a police officer and in particular the Novichok incident. Nick talks openly about his own mental health in the wake of the poisoning, the impact that it had on him and on his family and what he learned about himself.

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The Session...

Image by Karsten Winegeart
  •  A background of his career

  • The Salisbury Poisonings incident

  • The mental and emotional impact this had on Nick and his family

  • Hitting rock bottom and turning the corner

  • What Nick learned about himself in terms of emotional wellbeing, resilience, leadership and being a victim

The True Crime Festival 2021

13th November 2021 10:30-5:30pm GMT, Online Event

Join us for an amazing, immersive day of true crime featuring high profile speakers, Ex-Detectives and seriously gritty cases to explore! 

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