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A Big Hello From The Crime Lab

The Crime Lab is the brainchild of husband, wife, Ex-Scotland Yard Detectives Steve & Kate Gaskin. After leaving the metropolitan police force (and with other things along the way!) they created The Crime Lab which 'brings crime to life'.

Steve is probably the face you'll see most often delivering the events - a keen forensic psychologist he loves nothing more than creating new experiences for guests to enjoy! Kate delivers some of the more hands-on sessions and 'makes it all happen'.

The Crime Lab is best known for its 60-90 minute online True Crime Masterclasses from The Murky World of Psychopaths, to Inside the Mind of a Murderer, Virtually Killed CSI hands-on activity, Offender Profiling and much more.

Each year we also host 'The True Crime Festival' online in partnership with The University of Law which is a full day of online sessions from the likes of Colin Sutton, Nick Bailey, and many more incredible speakers on a whole host of crime, forensic, and psychological topics.

In addition to the amazing online events (which are now hosted in time zones across the world - shout out to those in Australia and USA who we run events for at 1 am UK time!) the team also offer in-person experiences for School, Summer Schools, Private Groups (from author groups to the WI!) and Companies! Many universities book our experiences too, which is just amazing.

The final part of the Crime Lab is our incredible membership group, many of whom we've become friends with over the last 2 years. Our VIP members get access to all of our Online Events (including a brand new topic every month! Feb's being 'High Profile Unsolved Cases'), podcasts, Q&A's and our private Facebook Group. We absolutely love the community and everyone in it.

Behind the scenes and commenting you'll often find Lizzy who supports the business with events, marketing and admin.

So a huge hello to all of our old and new followers, and we hope to see you at an event soon!

You can find out more about us and our events by visiting

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