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Children Who Kill

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

What happens in the rare event that a child is killed or murdered by an adult?

There is universal revulsion directed at the perpetrator.

However, when the poles are reversed and a child kills another child or adult; there is a relentless search of one's mind to comprehend the behaviour of that child. Often, we search for a "trigger" in the person's upbringing behaviour etc.

It is not always that simple.

The witnessing, of violent events, especially in formative years often affects future behaviour.

Albert Bandura carried out some excellent, albeit unethical experiments looking at how children "model" violent behaviour. This was also replicated and reported just two days ago.

The BBC wrote an excellent article showing how children in Belarus "model" brutality following years of conflict and war in that country.

Children Who Kill-Analysis Grid
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Sentencing Comments of the Trial Judge
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Case studies
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