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Inside The Mind of Adolf Hitler- a 4-Hour Experience

This was one of the most exciting projects we have ever undertaken to produce a real insight intothe mind of Adolf Hitler.

  • How was his rise to fame so quick

  • What was he thinking?

  • What did other people think of him?

  • What did the secret wartime reports say about him?

  • How can this research be applied to other renegade politicians?

  • How does this work assist in offender profiling?

For customers, you need access to some documents and some free resources we discussed.

This is what you will need for the Experience:-

  1. Discover the difference between Id, ego & superego (part 1)

  2. Read through and have ready - HARE CHECK LIST (Part 2)

  3. Read through and have ready- DARK TRIAD CHECK LIST (part 2)

Hare Check List (2)
Download PDF • 535KB

Dark Triad Measurement (1)
Download PDF • 309KB

These are the free resources we mentioned (downloads can be found below):-

Walter Langer's Book The Mind of Adolf Hitler
Download PDF • 9.16MB

Murray Personanlity of Hitler
Download PDF • 25.88MB

Analysis of Hitlers Speech
Download PDF • 433KB

Flesch Test
Download PDF • 1.15MB

We can be contacted at:-

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