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Criminal Science Summer School 2023

Our firm has been delivering psychology enrichment across the UK for many years.

We want your students to have the best-rounded experience. We have taken the academic side of the subjects and brought them to life through real examples.

These are some of the topics we covered at East Coast College in December 2022

  • Extreme psychopaths and serial killers

  • The psychology of aggression and violence

  • Offender profiling

  • The psychology of victims. Why me?

  • Children Who Kill

  • Mental disorders and crime

  • Why did serial killer Levi Bellfield kill?

  • The psychology of gangs

The teaching and learning styles cater to all students and learners with practical elements.

We can provide a single day up to a full week of material. In addition, we either attend your establishment or can deliver remotely

To discuss this more please ring 01953 558104 or email OR you can look at our brochure showing wider science opportunities

Summer School Crime Lab Experiences
Download PDF • 16.06MB

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