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Welcome to our Australian Customers

Welcome to our Australian customers as we kick off with Psychological Offender Profiling.

Unfortunately, people are deliberately creating bush fires all over the world. Australian is no different.

By monitoring the behaviour of arson suspects it is possible to add valid data, enabling investigators to draw up offender profile.

The three A4 sheets of arson profiling will extend your knowledge.

Here is the list of upcoming Experiences:-

The Murky World of Psychopaths. Is your boss a psychopath? Wednesday, 18th August 2021

Virtually Killed- A Real Crime Scene Investigation Friday, 20th August 2021

Inside The Mind of a Murderer (Short Course) Thursday, 19th & 26th August 2021

To book just visit

Bush Fires in Australia Part 3
Download PDF • 161KB

Bush Fires in Australia Part 2
Download PDF • 134KB

Bush Fires in Australia Part 1
Download PDF • 128KB

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