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Exclusive Summer Events for Girl's Day School Trust

Exclusive GDST Events Summer 2021
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-The chance to participate in completely unique, experiences.

-Activities designed by Ex-Scotland Yard Detectives/Teachers

-Fun, engaging, and challenging

-A chance to learn new skills and try something new

-Can be linked to careers advice

THE BENEFITS TO THE PROGRAMS - Professional, experienced staff to run the activities

- Engaging activities that students will talk about for weeks to come

-Activities for all age ranges

-Cost-effective options are available for large group bookings.


1. The Killing-A Crime Scene Investigation

Test yourself, push boundaries and open your eyes to the challenges faced by Detectives and Crime Scene Investigators.

The Killing, created by senior Ex-Detectives, forensic scientists, and other professionals, is the most immersive and thrilling experience there is.

Be entertained and captivated through a series of forensic challenges involving psychological and cyber-crime, giving you the opportunity to solve cases through the actual methods employed by real Crime Scene Investigators.

Investigators are initially detailed with a brief regarding a heinous crime that has taken place. The remainder of the experience will take guests through a stimulating process investigating the motive, method, and means for the murder.

2. Detective Training Academy

During a session, investigators will be enthralled by this engaging and healthy, unique experience.

For one and a half to two hours, the session will be jam-packed with activities real detectives undertake in police academy training.

This experience can be adapted to suit a range of age groups, making it the perfect choice for your school event.

During this fast-paced experience, guests will take part in several workshops including;

- Observation skills, Keen Eye, Keen Mind!

- Self-defence

-Weapons disarming

A fantastic skill learning experience!

3. Me-Myself & Team

Three Activities

  • Personalities –You and your classmates

– Individual Personality Profile – Facilitated experience to understand more about yourself and your classmates, also improve communication with your team and classmates

  • The Apprentice

Working together on an “Apprentice” style session. Designing, creating, and marketing a product. This is the Ultimate Teamwork…….dodon't worry nobody is getting “fired”!

Fun observation activities.


Personal empowerment and increased confidence, through simple street awareness and practical breakaway techniques.


Blackheath High School. We have been delivering outstanding events for the past 7 years.

Oxford Royale. For the last 4 years, we have been provided our Crime Experiences to multi-national students across colleges in Oxford, Cambridge in London. 12 Events with between 40-120 students at a time in July/August.

Jonathan Viaggi. Providing 13 Summer Workshops for 110-175 students at a time. We ran bespoke CSI Experiences with a “Bloody Britain” theme. These sessions were run in Warwick, Ampleforth, Ellesmere. These were Italian students on Summer trips abroad.

UK Schools. We have a large volume of primary and secondary school customers across the UK.

You can download our brochure below

To book contact us at: or ring 01953308386

Exclusive GDST Events Summer 2021
Download PDF • 4.90MB

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